Arcadia Lions Club 
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The Arcadia Lions Club was chartered on February 4, 1947. They had 20 chartered members. At the present time we have 27 members
The International Lions Club has 1.3 million members in 45,000 clubs in 106 countries.
In 1917 Melvin Jones, a 38-yr-old Chicago business leader, told members of his local business club they should reach beyond business issues and address the betterment of their communities and the world. Jones's group, the (Business Circle of Chicago), agreed
After contacting similar groups around the United States, an Organizational meeting was held on June 7,1917 in Chicago Illinois. The new group took the name of one of the invited groups, the (Association of Lions Clubs) and a national convention was held in Dallas, Texas. in October of that year. A constitution , by-laws, objects and a code of ethics were approved.
Within three years, Lions become an International Organization. and the was changed to the International Lions Club. Since then ,we've earned high marks for both intrgrity and transparency. We're a well-run organization with a steady vision, a clear mission, and a long and proud history.
A highlight of it's early history. In 1925 Helen Keller gave a speech at their convention at Cedar Point, Ohio and challenged them to become (Kights of the Blind) to help prevent blindness. They responded and the Lions are now best known for their sight related programs, SightFirst, the worlds largest blindness prevention program
The Arcadia Lions Club collects over 250 pr eye glasses a year and sends them to VOSH-Ohio collection center in Pandora, Ohio. They use a SureSight machine and test children's eyes that are going into Kindergarten at Arcadia. They have provided glasses for 6 persons in the last 2yrs that cannot afford to buy them.